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Dear Blues lovers,

The members of the ARGENTEUIL EN BLUES (BLUES ON THE RIVERSIDE) organisation are really happy to announce that the 2017 edition will be held on the 25th and 26th of august, in the parc Barron, downtown Lachute. The Blues is alive and kicking in Argenteuil.

The 2016 edition was a great succes with lesser known artists but so extraordinary, like Martin Goyette, Paul Arthur, Aidan, Blues Berry Jam, Pat Loiselle, Cécile Doo-Kingué, and many more.

For the best promotion of the festival, we need to bring on new artists. And to be able to attract famous artists, we must be able to make an interesting offer.

Having well known performers on stage will definitely attract more people from everywhere, to our festival, witch will take place for the fourth year. This year, we decided to set higher goals. We want to give the opportunity to our craftsmen and producers to take part of the event in exposing their products or skills during the whole weekend. That way, people will be able to discover the Blues music as well as Argenteuil’s local flavors.

We are very proud to join our partners to make this festival their festival and most of all, touch as many people as we can.

The donations that we receive gives us the power to offer many great activities at low cost and that way we can keep offering them inclusively and family oriented. This year we will have activities for families to encourage them to come and discover the music world. Singing and percussion workshops are going to be held through the weekend for the public of all ages, with a grand finale performance in the beautiful parc Barron.

We can assure you that this year, our program will be one of the most colorful ever ! Bands will perfom all through the Family day. We want people to discover our region not only through Blues music, but we will also offer inflatable games and animation for the children.

We know for a fact that this event draws Blues lovers from everywhere, and we want to give them the possibility to discover all the attractions our region has to offer. The whole community will benefit from promoting this great event.
Thank you for your support and for helping us making this event one of the most respected and well known Blues event in our great region.

Jean-Patric Blain
DG et chef de direction
514 710-3272

2017 Schedule


​The Colors of Argenteuil en Blues

October 7

Starting at 12:00



Michel Campbell founded Argenteuil en Blues in 2014, and the following year, 2015, expanded his vision to include a Sunday Family Day.  In the spring of 2016, Michel passed away due to a long illness, and his better half, Marilyne Hamel, decided to continue Michel's dream.   She joined forces with new director Jean Patric Blain, and coordinator Line De Cotret,to make the 2016 edition a huge success.  They worked whole heartedly with the volunteers in the organization of this festival and shared the desire to see this event thrive.  Continually coming up with new ideas, the team continues to evolve.

 This year, we will be offering family activities aimed at the younger generation to discovering this musical festival.  There will be vocal and percussion workshops available for all to participate in.  We can always count on the lending hands of the local community members, and we foresee this 2017 edition to be a very special event indeed.